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This is the time when thoughts turn towards family and friends.Those of us with financial foresight, as well as compassion also think about charitable giving.

As you know, all donations to Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers are fully tax-deductible, and your contribution goes directly towards the programs that accomplish our mission.

H.E.A.R. distributed hearing protection and information on hearing conservation at hundreds of music venues throughout the US. At our free San Francisco hearing screening clinic and outreach events, our volunteer audiologists tested 1,000 young people experiencing hearing difficulties due to loud music and other causes, recommending remedial measures when necessary.

H.E.A.R. also provided hearing conservation information over the Internet, making referrals to local affiliates for hearing assistance, custom musicians' earplugs, in-the-ear monitors, and other services.

The public service announcements by prominent musicians that H.E.A.R. produced this past year include: Carson Daly of MTV, Missy Elliott, Joe Satriani, George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic, Lar Ulrich of Metallica, DJ Qbert of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Chuck D, DJ Polywog and Herbie Hancock. These PSAs go to schools and cable networks as well as out over national radio and television. This year, H.E.A.R's PSAs were aired by over 40 top cable and network TV stations in the US.

These and numerous other programs spearhead our fight against hearing loss and tinnitus among musicians and music lovers worldwide. We are making inroads; as Vince Neal from Motley Crew on VH-1 Rock n Roll Jeopardy recently replied correctly "H.E.A.R." when asked Who is the organization pioneering hearing awareness among musicians, but we will not be satisfied until it is totally cool for musicians and audience to practice hearing conservation, so much so that the incidence of hearing loss and Tinnitus resulting from exposure to loud music drops to practically nothing.

GIft Donations: You can help us achieve our goals. Give what you feel comfortable with, but be aware that each gift of $20 or more will help you with your giving considerations. We'll return 6 pairs of HEAR Plugs with carrying cases.

For a gift of $15 or more, you'll receive H.E.A.R.'s Benefit CD " 156 Guitar Strings".

Thank you for your generous donation!


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