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For Hearing Appointments in other cities go to the Partners Hearing Specialist Section. Be sure to include your location.

For more info on how to join the H.E.A.R. Partners click here.

For more info on H.E.A.R. Street Team click here.

To donate to H.E.A.R.: Click here to make a secured online donation or donate to the H.E.A.R. Auction. You may also choose "Donation" above and provide your contact info.

Sorry at this time H.E.A.R. is not taking new links. You can link to HEARNET by joining our H.E.A.R. Partners program.

To volunteer: Choose "Volunteer" above. Help out at the office in San Francisco: H.E.A.R. is looking for interns and volunteers to help with all aspects of our organization's activities. These are not paid positions as of yet, however interns and volunteers in San Francisco can work off their parking tickets with H.E.A.R. as a community service. This is a great opportunity to work in the music industry, make contacts, build your resume or portfolio, learn a lot and make things happen. You can also volunteer as a H.E.A.R. Street Team member.

H.E.A.R. Office:
phone (415) 409-3277 or (415) 409-(EARS)
San Francisco, CA 94115

Office Hours 10am-7pm PST weekdays.

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