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Active Physics for Schools

"Can't HEAR You Knocking" Video

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Hormones Can Hurt Hearing

A New Ring Tone Teachers Can't Hear

Apple Introduces Software to Limit iPod Volume

Ipod volume limits set USA today

Library of Congress Record: Hearing Health Medicare Accessibility Act of 2005 , s. 277: Kathy Peck and flash gordon,md of H.E.A.R. (PDF)

San Francisco Police Codes for Entertainment Venues: Earplugs and Noise Abatement

Rolling Stone: Pete Townshend: Music making fans Deaf?: 11/26/05 by Jonathan Ringen

Newsweek article by David Noonan A Little Bit Louder, Please

BBC News

Parade Magazine Feb 5, 2005 (pdf part 1)

Parade Magazine Feb 5, 2005 (pdf part2)

FDA Consumer Report: H.E.A.R. story pdf

Advance for Audiologist: Tinnitus and Melatonin pdf

Magnesium treatment for sudden hearing loss

Celebraties with Tinnitus

Sudden Deafness

Macsimum News H.E.A.R. finds support from XtremeMac FS1 earphones pdf

Tinnitus and Melatonin Study Report

Loud Music Damages Hearing Sensitivity Over Time pdf

Noise Center- LHH- NY

Mix Foundation News pdf

NAMM: H.E.A.R. and the Grammy's MusiCares teaming up! pdf

Rockin Responsibly

Deafness and Hearing Loss

Quiet' Rock Concert Accents Hearing Loss Mon Apr 11, 9:58 PM ET

Deafness Gene's Function Found: Defect in Protein can impede hearing, Scripps Reseacher Says by Bruce Lieberman the San Diego Union- Tribune; Aapril 19, 2004

Common Hearing loss Prevention Terms

Famous musicians and celebrities who have tinnitus.

Alternative Treatment for Tinnius

Hearing Protector Evaluation and Performance Ratings: The Good, the Bad, and the EPA Lee D. Hager, Hearing Loss Prevention Consultant Sonomax Hearing Healthcare, Inc. Healthy Hearing.com

Loud Noise During Exercise 3/22/2004 Elliott H. Berger M.S.   Does loud noise during exercise affect hearing? If so, to what degree? Healthy Hearing.ORG

Christian M. Talley receives the "Honorable Mention" award for the "Junior Medical Division" of the southeastern area science fair competition for grades 7 - 12 for The Altamont School for his project "Hearing Comparison between Musicians & Non-Musicians".

Nightclubs should offer earplugs, S.F. panel says By Renee Koury SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS

Earplug Ordinance for San Francisco Clubs.

TEC Awards at 18th Annual AES Conference 2002 show full support of HEARing Awareness!

Musician Speaks Out on Hearing AIds!
by Rick Ledbetter August 28,2002

Musicians found to have 'more sensitive brains'
By Lorna Duckworth, Health Correspondent 17 June 2002

Kathy Peck Executive Director of H.E.A.R. works with MTVN's Carson Daly, Ron Eavey , MD of MEII and HEAR and MEII volunteers on Hearing Awareness Campagin at MTV Spring Break 2002 and at national Mexican press conference with the Minister of Health of Mexico.

Pump Up The Volume By Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen
There is not much we would hear without our cochlea.
Protein Spotlight (ISSN 1424-4721)....')..copyright of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

07.11.01, Germany Compensation for loud rock music

SF Weekly Music Awards Benefit Honors H.E.A.R.

MSNBC Hearing Loss Article

Auditory Demonstrations in Acoustics and Hearing Conservation

Kids Health

Deafening Sounds....NETV

Drink More Water ...Good advice from Dan East.

Dangerous Decibels: Dancing Until Deaf by Ed Walsh, reporter Bay Area Reporter (March30,2000)

Allergies & Asthma -- The Ear Connection by Lorraine Short, assistant editor Hearing Health Magazine (originally published, July 1997.

Quivering Bundles That Let US HEAR...Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Virtual Tour of the Ear.. Perry C. Hanavan , Austana college

Senses and Sensitivity: Neuronal Alliances for Sight and SoundĄThe 1997 Webcast Lectures Presented by HHMI investigators: A. James Hudspeth, Ph.D., M.D., and Jeremy H. Nathans, M.D., Ph.D. Howard Hughs Medical Institute

Menieres ...Ear Foundation

Western Australia Code of Practice for Control of Noise in the Music Entertainment Industry.

Using Your Diet to Beat Tinnitus Excerpted from: The Tinnitus Away Program Winning the Tinnitus Game! by Therapeutic Research Group

Latent cochlear damage in personal stereo users: a study based on click-evoked otoacoustic emissions Eric L LePage and Narelle M Murray

Ototoxic Drugs, Kathy Peck

Placebos Prove So Powerful Even Experts Are Surprised; New Studies Explore The Brain's Triumph Over Reality Excerpts of article by Sandra Blakeslee, the New York Times October 13, 1998 Pg f1


Naval Medical Center in San Diego has successfully tested a technique that restores hearing loss if administered within hours following exposure to loud noise.

We All Deserve Those Happy Days Again. (for tinnitus sufferers) by Robert Magedoff

How Well Do You Handle Stress?

Small Band Hearing Damage

Caffeine and Tinnitus

Stressed? The Tinnitus Link by Kenneth Greenspan, MD


Tinnitus Treament gives hope for a cure

GINKGOby Kathy Peck

Hearing and Hair Cells by John S. Oghalai, M.D.Dept. of Otolaryngology &Communicative Sciences Baylor College of Medicine

Stretching Out The Stress by Kathy Peck

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears can be one of most frustrating and irritating problems to live and deal with.by Kathy Peck

Never Take Your Child's Hearing For Granted

THE MILLENIUM PLAGUE by JOHN A. FRINK EMR Mitigation since 1946 Member EMR Alliance and NEFTA

Alternative Therapies to Improve Hearing Health by Kathy Peck

Audiologists...Who Are They? by Kathy Peck

Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart by Marshall Chasin, M.Sc.

Ear Wax...It's Not As Bad As You Think by Kathy Peck

Hypnosis: Can It Stop Tinnitus? by Kathy Peck

In Defense of Dolby Laboratories by Benjamin Goulart

Intolerable Sound says Fielding Greaves of San Rafael in a letter to the Pacific Sun editor

The Leaf Blower Battle by Marian Carter

New Discoveries In Hair Cell Growth by Kathy Peck

New Discovery on Loudness Perception by The Department of Health and Human Services

Otoacoustic Emissions Testing Valuable For Musicians by Laura E. Gifford

Ringing in the ears 'is all in the mind'

TMJ Disorder by Kathy Peck

What is Biofeedback? by George D. Fuller Von Bozzay Ph.D. and Pennie Sempell

Where's the Beef? Implementation of the Noise Control Act

You're Not Alone by Dean Cuadra

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