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"Can't HEAR You Knocking" Video


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Download video clips of famous folks saying nice things about H.E.A.R and reminding you always to protect your ears. Click Here to download Audio / Radio PSA's

Jack Black from Tenacious D and star of School of Rock

PSA shot and edited by Kathy Peck

Quicktime \ movie, 1.3M 


Carson Daly of MTV and Missy Elliott PSA

Conceived, shot, and edited by Kathy Peck,Jim Norman and Thomas Rafalski.

Quicktime 3 movie, 3.6M 

Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani speaks out on behalf of H.E.A.R. at CAMA. Conceived, shot, and edited by Joy Davis, Kathy Peck and Jim Norman.

Quicktime 3 movie, 3.2M 


Tinnitus Sucks!

A short music video that gives a hint of what tinnitus, a type of hearing damage, is like. Featuring the music of The Mermen. Conceived, shot, and edited by Ralph Dickinson.

Quicktime 3 movie, 1.1M 

RealPlayer movie, 362K 

HEAR PSA headphones Quicktime mov. by Jim Norman

Clayton Cameron P.S.A.

P.S.A. featuring Clayton Cameron, drummer for Tony Bennet. Featuring the music of Tony Bennett. Shot by Kathy Peck, edited by Ralph Dickinson.

Quicktime 3 movie, 1.4M 

RealPlayer movie, 382K 

Choo Choo Speaks Out About H.E.A.R.! Quicktime 1MB

Shot by Kathy Peck

Herbie Hancock P.S.A.

P.S.A. featuring Herbie Hancock. Shot by Kathy Peck, edited by Ralph Dickinson.

Quicktime 3 movie, 1.1M

RealPlayer movie, 763K 


DJ Qbert of The Invisibl Skratch Piklz

P.S.A. featuring DJ Qbert. Shot by KZINIZK. Edited by Tom Murphy and friends.

Quicktime 4 movie, 368K 


VIV Savage of Spinal Tap

P.S.A. featuring (the late) Viv Savage of Spinal Tap. Produced by Eric Predoehl (1991)

Quicktime 5 movie, 1.7 MB


Lars Ulrich of Metallica

P.S.A. featuring Lars Ulrich drummer of Metallica. Produced by H.E.A.R. (1993)

Quicktime 6 movie, 1.7 MB


Pete Townshend of The Who

P.S.A. featuring Pete Townshend of the Who. Produced by Flynner Films "Can't Hear You Knocking" (1990)

Quicktime 6 movie, 1.7 MB

Kittie Speaks out about hearing loss!

Quicktime movie, 1.7M



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