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Expo for the Musician + benefit concert Saturday, July 14 tables from 2:00pm-7:30pm; concert from 8:00pm-2:00am $1 donation before 7:30pm; $5-$15 sliding scale thereafter

expo@artsandmedia.net http://www.artsandmedia.net/sfexpo/

CELLspace 2050 Bryant St. @ 18th St. San Francisco

--------------------------> Event Description <--------------------------

The first Expo for the Musician complements this year's Expo for the Artist with dozens of tables from music nonprofits, local studios and small independent labels -- plus workshops and live music all day and night.

The evening's benefit concert starts at 8:00pm and features: *Ohnedaruth (of St. John Coltrane's African Orthodox Church) *Black Dot Collective (activist hip-hop) *the Crooked Jades (Bay Area style bluegrass) *Persephone's Bees (garage/pop-psych) *Sonny Smith (bandleader/raconteur) ALL AFTERNOON you can take in live music, check out tabling nonprofits and meet the community. Afternoon performers include: *Ralph Carney's Natural Light Band (art-rock champions) *Ariel (solo singer-songwriter) *Pepito (Latin lo-fi electronica) *Philboyd Studge (bluegrass *L.A.G. (acoustic international improv)

AFTERNOON TABLING ORGANIZATIONS: KALX, KUSF, KZSU, KFJC, Rock Out, Save Local Music Coalition, Hearing Awareness Education for Rockers (HEAR), Hip-Hop Slam, SFJazz, Center for Bay Area Black Music, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Community Arts & Cultural Enhancement, the Musicians' Union, Blue Bear School of Music, Absolutely Kosher Records, Renegade Productions, Sunset Promotions, SF Late Night Coalition, Funk Twist/Marin Music Festival, Small Business Development Center, CA Lawyers for the Arts, Ex'pression Center for New Media, Oasis Duplication, Incidental Music, Mission Creek Music Festival, Popular Noise Foundation, Independent Arts & Media, Behind the Artist Beyond the Music (BABM), Small Business Development Center, Jazz in Flight, North Beach Jazz Festival, Rodent Records, RE/Search Publications, Pink Thing Productions, Fortune Records, Music in Schools Today, Black Dot Collective, Transbay Creative Community/ Acme Observatory, Horizons DJ Project, NextArts, SF Musician.com, Bay Area Hip-Hop Coalition ... WORKSHOPS include: Documentation as Cultural Resistance: A case study on punk and women in music; Internet Workshop -- part I: Copyright and intellectual property, part II: Distribution and promotions online; Venue Shutdowns; What Bookers Are Looking For; Tech Tips for String Instruments. This is a music community event for the whole Bay Area. Musicians, hobbyists and the curious are all welcome. Come on down and help create your scene!




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