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Benefit for H.E.A.R.

The throb of distant drums echo your footsteps as you pass the forbidden carvings and savage idols on the ancient footbridge, towering dangerously high above the fiery pit of the angry gods, where the lava is about to boil and the land is about to tremble! There you enter a Port Of Pleasure filled with opulent splendours undreamed of by civilized man! Adventure Into An Exotic World Of Mysterious Sound!

With... THE SF WEEKLY MUSIC AWARDS 2001! Join us in the Enchanted Gardens of Bimbo's 365 Club on Thursday October 18th as we celebrate another year of the best local music San Francisco has to offer!

]Witness marvels and mysteries undreamed of as our main stage presents a cavalcade of exotic offerings from around the world including: TAIKO DOJO! THE NIGERIAN BROTHERS! GAMELAN SEKAR JAYA! LOCO BLOCO! (With Hot Pink Feathers!)


What: SF Weekly Music Awards 2001!

When: Thursday October 18th, 2001 8:30 PM (VIP PArty at 7:30 PM)

Where: Bimbo's 365 Club, Columbus Street, SF

Who: Taiko Dojo, Gamelan Sekar Jaya, The Nigerian Brothers, LocoBloco, Hot Pink Feathers, The Devil-Ettes, Ape

Why: Because San Francisco has the best local music scene and deserves the best music award show to celebrate!

Note: The SF Weekly Music Awards Band Showcase and Barbecue will take place on Sunday October 14th at The Bottom Of The Hill at 2 PM and will feature as many of this year's 36 nominees as we can cram in in 6 hours! See The SF Weekly for nominees.

Proceeds from the Showcase go to benefit H.E.A.R.--Hearing Education And Awareness For Rockers (http:/www.HEARNET.Com).

For more info contact Alan Parowski/The California Kid Head Astronaut at: LiftOff! SpaceCapades "Your Home For Out Of This World Entertainment!" E: SpaceCapades@hotmail.com

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