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H.E.A.R. to join Bananas at Large on Oct. 13th for the San Rafael Local Music Expo.

NORCAL is sponsoring an all day event to help bring awareness to several local music programs and non-profit organizations.Blocking off E st. between 4th and 5th and setting up 20 tents and two stages.

Advertising: Lots of it! 2 separate Bananas News (30,000+ mailer) multiple multichannel cable TV ads, in store promotions, web site announcements, Apple Computer 4 million piece emailer, City of San Rafael event listing, web site and mailer, FarmerŐs Market Banners two weeks prior to event, spot ads on KMEL and KFOG radio

Events include: * DJ Mix off Finals * Local Artist of the Month Program: Our most popular artists from our A.O.M sponsorship program of the last year will be invited back to do a short concert. * Student recital * Teacher showcase * Drum Circle * Apple Computer special presentation * M.I.Y.O. Teen Center Presentation and donation drive * American Red Cross Blood Drive * San Rafael Library Book Drive

*Evening Artist/Producers forum. (Last forum included members of Santana, Primus, Tubes, Night Ranger, Journey, Huey Lewis and the News, Dan Shea, Jeffrey Cohen, Stephan Hart, and more) Hosted by Dusty Rhoads of KFOG (and tentatively booked Dana Carvy to co-host) BBQ, Gelato and Drink Stand from SebastianoŐs (local Deli) And much more!

We are really aiming to bring some awareness to the non-profit groups like the M.I.Y.O. Teen Center, a place that helps teens find creative outlets in music, theater and production. The San Rafael Library and more. We have many events and give-a-ways planned. A day long program for everyone.

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