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San Francisco Police Codes for Entertainment Venues: Earplugs and Noise Abatement

October 9,2002

Entertainment Commission Hearing:

Earplug Ordinance for San Francisco Entertainment Clubs

H.E.A.R. is thrilled to work with Supervisor Mark Leno, Nathan Purkiss, John Wood, Terrance Alan, DJ Liam Shy of SFLNCL and Stephen Ellis, MD of the Dance Health Task Force and others on passing the Earplug Ordinance for San Francisco clubs.

Resolution was passed and sent before the full Board of San Francisco Supervisors [Amend Police Code Sections 1060.28 and 1070.27 ] Ordinance amending San Francisco Police Code Section 1060.28 and 1070.27 to require places of entertainment and after hours premises with a dance floor and a capacity of 500 persons or more to provide or sell at a reasonable cost earplugs to patrons.

8/19/02, Assigned Under 30 day rule to Public Works and Public Protection Committee, expires on 9/19/02

9/19/02, Transferred to Finance committee.

Pictured left to right top row: DJ Liam Shy, SF Supervisor Mark Leno, Kathy Peck, Exec. Dir. H.E.A.R., DJ, Nathan Purkiss Admin to Supervisor Leno and R. Stephen Elliss, MD of the Dance Health Task Force Left to right bottom: Terrance Alan, Chairman SFLate Night Coalition, John Wood, Legislative Analyst SF Late Night Coalition

Oct 9, 2002 The hearing on entertainment related legislations at the Board of Supervisors Finance Committee was short and non-controversial. The first four bills having to do with 18+ after hours, neighbor notification, hearing protection and the "moral character" language in the Place of Entertainment permit were all sent to the full Board for vote on Monday. Speakers in support of the legislations included Terrance Alan, John Wood and Liam Shy of the SFLNC, Kathy Peck, Executive Director of HEAR and Frederick Hobson, of the District 6 Democrats. No speakers were in opposition to any of the legislations. The entertainment commission fund ordinance discussion was postponed for two weeks with our consent due to questions raised by some of our supporters. The legislation will be discussed at the next Finance Committee hearing on Oct. 23rd.

Not pictured Will Roscoe of DanceSafe and other organziation members of Share, SFLNC, Dance Safe, the Dance Health Task Force, H.E.A.R., SPI and other community groups who were also very instrumental in working to support this improtant legislation.

Supervisor Mark Leno Introduced New Dance Legislation

On Aug 19, 2002 Supervisor Mark Leno introduced four new pieces of dance legislation. For the past three years Supervisor Leno has spent a great deal of time studying San Francisco's entertainment permitting laws. These ordinances seek to correct a number of problems of concern to youth, neighbors, health advocates and the City Attorney.

Entertainment Commission Fund Ordinance Jul 22, 2002 On Monday, July 22, Supervisors Leno and Newsom introduced an ordinance based on suggestions from Mayor Brown directing that entertainment permit fees be put in a city fund specifically to support the Entertainment Commission. Currently, entertainment permits fees go into the city general fund and permit administrative costs are paid through the police department budget.

For more information go to the San Francisco Late night Coalition website: www.sflnc.com


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