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October 5-8 ,2002 Audio Engineering Society (AES) Conference Los Angeles, California

The 113th AES Convention promises to deliver a dynamic program of technical papers, workshops, special events and the most comprehensive exhibit of professional audio gear in the world. The theme of this year’s convention, “Science in the Service of Art,” is reflected throughout the convention program, and was especially prevalent in the keynote address of Leonardo Chiariglione, the “father of MPEG.” Dr. Chiariglione will discuss how science can be a two-edged sword and that it is time that emergent technologies enable creative opportunities for the content world. As live performances are at the core of musical entertainment, live sound reinforcement is at the core of the professional audio industry. We are pleased to be showcasing the latest in tour sound technology in papers and workshops and, as the icing on the cake, we present an exciting group of “road warriors”, live sound engineers, who share their thoughts and experiences in bringing the sound of the stars to large audiences.

Harry ShearerMC at the 18th Annual Tec Awards 2002

Marty Garcia , President of Future Sonics,
Kathy Peck, Exeuctive Director H.E.A.R. and Colin Hay (solo artist and former front-man for Men at Work)

Dan East of Size Thirteen Music and David Denny of David Denny audio Consulting and former guitarist for the Steve Miller Band.

Photo credit: Dan East Size Thieteen Music

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