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April 11, 2001

North Eastern University Honors Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R.with the Key to the University.

Dangerous Sounds Panel Presentation: Preventing Hearing Loss Caused by Loud Music. Learner Objectives: 1. The participant learn about who the risk groups are and why. 2. The participant learn to identify attitudes that contribute to the non-use of hearing protection. 3. The participants learn skills to help them become more effective in intervention and learn about the resources that are available for this purpose. Kathy Peck discusses : - Her history and experiences that led her to this point. - How the H.E.A.R. initiative began. - The work of H.E.A.R. - What kinds of information are effective? - What feedback and information she receives from the musicians who work with H.E.A.R. Panel Discussion: "Where are we today and where do we go from here?" Panel consists of: Hearing Conservation Activist: Kathy Peck, Audiologist: Professor Robert Redden, Audio Consultant, Engineer/Producer/Songwriter and former Guitartist for the Steve Miller Band:, David Denny, Hearing Scientist: Professor S¿ren Buu, Moderator: Matthews Distinguished Professor Mary Florentine. Program starts with a reception and ends with a dinner in Kathy Peck's honor. photo album

Clips shown from the PBs special "Deafening Sound" courtesy of PBS NET Nebraska Television Network

"Deafening Sound" websit:http://net.unl.edu

Areao E•A•R plugs donated for the event.

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