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Please complete the below form. Thank you for helping us with our research. If you are under 18 please ask your parent or guardian to email us their consent to take this test. Information you provide is confidential and is used for H.E.A.R.'s research purpose only. Please answer these questions to the best of your ability. Thanks!

1. How did you first notice or suspect that you were losing your hearing?
2. How long after noticing your hearing loss did you visit a doctor or hearing care professional?
3. How did you go about seeking improvement for your hearing loss? (e.g.: friends, PCP, research)
4. How long after being tested and confirmed that you had hearing loss did you decide to purchase hearing aids?
5. What were your top three greatest concerns in regards to wearing a hearing aid?
6. How did you decide on what type and brand of hearing aid(s) to purchase?
7. Did anyone in particular influence your purchase decision? Yes No
8. What is the price range that you expected to pay for one hearing aid?
9. What is the price that you paid for one hearing aid? 1-100 500-1000 3000-4000
100-250 1000-2000 4000-5000
250-500 2000-3000 5000-6000
10. Would you buy-up if an improved hearing device became available

Yes No

10a. If yes, how often? (one year, two years, other)
11. What is the most you would expect or agree to pay for a hearing aid that would be the top of the line and offer you enhanced hearing abilities from what you currently experience?
What band or DJ group are you in?
How did you hear about H.E.A.R.?

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