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Westone Earmolds and more since 1959


Welcome to Westone !

We are quite pleased to be a H.E.A.R. Partner and join them in promoting hearing protection for the music industry. Westone is well aware that musicians face a unique set of challenges when it comes to protecting their hearing.

How best to block out the potentially harmful noise levels that can damage hearing, while still staying "in touch" with the music? Whether in the market for passive protection or the highest quality in-ear monitors, custom fit or universal, Westone has a solution for any musician or music lover.


Randy Morgan, CEO Westone

Elite Series (tm) ES2  Custom made to an exact fit of the performer s ear, the ES2 in-ear monitor provides over 25 dB of ambient noise reduction. The dual balanced armature design provides exceptional low frequency response, clear mids and sizzling highs that allow the artist to shape the sound to their personal preferences. Designed for the most demanding artists, the ES2 must be heard to be believed.

ES1   Built to the same exacting standards as the ES2, the single-armature ES1 offers performance, comfort and excellent sound fidelity. Custom made to fit the artists ear, the ES1 provides over 25 dB of ambient noise reduction and offers great sound quality for any musician.

Custom Shop   For a small additional charge, Elite Series monitors can be just as unique as the artist wearing them. Select an image from our library to be permanently sealed onto the monitors, or provide us with artwork. Color, finish, even shape can also be customized.

ES49   The earplug of choice for the performing musician or concertgoer. The ES49 is a filtered canal only earplug that is small and unobtrusive. The flat noise reduction characteristics of the filters allow the music to be heard accurately, but at a much safer level. Select from the ER9, ER15 or ER25 filters.

Universal Series (tm) UM2   A universal fit in-ear monitor featuring dual balanced armatures and a passive crossover. Great highs and impressive lows, with over 25 dB of onstage noise reduction. The UM2 is compatible with all dedicated in-ear monitor systems and headphone distribution amplifiers currently available. It is also compatible with personal audio devices such as MP3 and CD players; even laptop computers.

UM1  The universal fit UM1 single-armature monitor makes high quality in-ear sound available to musicians on a budget. With 25 dB of onstage noise reduction and the same nearly universal compatibility as the UM2, the UM1 is also offered in four colors: clear, beige, brown and black.

UM56  Upgrade either the UM2 or UM1 with custom fit earpieces. Comparable in size to the standard foam tips, UM56s offer unparalleled custom comfort. The UM56 also fits Shure E1 and E5 monitors as well as others.

ER20   Developed to provide an affordable one-size-fits-most solution to potentially harmful noise levels, ER20s provide approximately 20 dB of noise reduction without losing the fidelity of the original source. Available in a variety of colors.

All custom fit products require impressions of the user s ears to be taken by a hearing healthcare professional.

The Westone Music Products website also provides crucial information on how to get started with in-ear monitoring. From the basic benefits to hardware requirements, the site is a valuable, one-stop source for all in-ear issues. Everyone, regardless of his or her level of in-ear experience, will find it to be a valuable resource. The site even offers the opportunity to ask questions of Westone in-ear experts via e-mail. Westone has been the in-ear expert since 1959. The company is committed to superior customer service, with musicians on the development team, two experienced audiologists on staff and knowledgeable technical services personnel available to answer any questions or concerns.

For more information, contact

Westone Music Products
P.O. Box 15100, Colorado Springs, CO 80935,
call toll-free 1-800-525-5071,
e-mail music@westone.com,

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