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Welcome to SHURE !

Since 1925, wherever sound is amplified or recorded, Shure has been there. As the leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics for over 75 years, Shure has been a pioneer in the music world with the innovations and industry firsts that have redefined how musicians and music-lovers experience sound. But, advances in technology have also made it possible for people to listen to music at much louder volumes.

Because Shure wants people who are passionate about music to enjoy it for the duration of their lives, the company is committed to teaming with hearing conservation organizations like H.E.A.R. to raise awareness about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss. Shure recognized that in order to help musicians and their fans to understand that there are things they can do to preserve their hearing, it was essential to align with organizations that were already getting the word out about the dangers associated with living in a high-noise world.

That's how Shure got involved with H.E.A.R. They're a natural partner for helping Shure reach their long term goal of heightened awareness. Shure supports organizations like H.E.A.R. with funds raised through benefit concerts and online auctions, which are part of the Shure Bid for Hearing initiative, a multi-part program dedicated to educating people on how to enjoy sound responsibly.

Most recently, Shure allocated a portion of the proceeds from last year's Musical Roots Concert to the sponsorship of H.E.A.R.'s study of occupational hearing loss and tinnitus within the music industry. In addition to educational efforts, Shure is committed to providing technology that when used properly helps to protect musicians from over-exposure to dangerously high noise levels. In 1997 the company launched their first personal monitor system (PSM), which allows musicians to hear themselves as they perform onstage.

From a hearing health perspective, traditional "wedges" or speakers that performers used to us to listen to their performances prior to the introduction of PSMs tended to create an incredibly loud onstage environment.

The benefit of personal monitors is that musicians now have the ability to hear a clearer mix at lower sound levels, an achievement made possible by three distinctive features.The first is a volume control which allows users to control their volume right from their bodypack. In addition to a personal volume control, the system has a built-in limiter, which lets musicians know it's getting too loud and will actually prevent the system from getting any louder. The third and most important feature is the isolation element that accompanies Shure's "in ear" earphones.

The earphones are one part of the PSM system and work much like an earplug does to seal out outside noise. Depending on the fit, the particular sleeve you use, and the shape of your ear, the earphones can block out up to 25dB of outside noise. This means musicians are hearing only what they want to hear onstage rather than a lot of onstage noise.

If you're interested in learning more about the Shure Bid for Hearing initiative, please contact Michelle Kohler from Shure at 847-600-6416. Michelle Zenner Kohler Shure Incorporated Public Relations Manager 5800 West Touhy Ave., Niles, IL 60714-4608 ph: 847-600-6416 fax: 847-600-6404




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