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"The idea is not just to put ear pieces in performer's ears simply so they can hear themselves without having to compete with other levels in the on-stage environment.The idea is to reduce the stage sound pressure levels (SPLs) and let them hear left and right, a near studio-quality stereo image, with as few conventional monitor speakers as possible."

-Marty Garcia, President of Future Sonics
and acknowledged innovator of personal monitors

Daniel M. East, Director of Worldwide Marketing & Artist Relations
Future Sonics Incorporated at the H.E.A.R. booth

From the beginning, Future Sonics has promoted hearing education awareness to music industry professionals. Future Sonics is a friend of H.E.A.R. and a proud sponsor of H.E.A.R.'s 1995-96 tv & radio PSA with Lars Ulrich of Metallica, and the 1996-97 TV & radio PSA with Les Claypool of Primus. The Claypool PSA is distributed to stations throughout the United States and Canada as part of H.E.A.R.'s on-going hearing awareness campaign. Future Sonics continues to give annual support to H.E.A.R.'s dedicated efforts to educate musicians, sound engineers and all music fans!

Future Sonics recommends a hearing test so their clients have a baseline view of what their hearing is like before purchase Future Sonic products. This is a professional service that must be performed by a licensed audiologist. The next step in the process is to have impressions taken of the client's left and right ears for the custom at-ear monitoring systems.

Future Sonics is recognized by the H.E.A.R. Foundation as a manufacturer of products offering their full range of sound and performance at even the lowest volumes. H.E.A.R. applauds Future Sonics professional earphones as a significant step forward in hearing conservation due to increased clarity across a broad range that measurably reduces the need for excessive amplification.

Ear Monitors (R) brrand custom personal monitors by Future Sonics

Atrio Series (TM) professional earphones by Future Sonics

"BELIEVE YOUR EARS!" The original innovators and industry leaders in professional personal monitoring products & systems . Audio excellence, reliability, client services and our worldwide audiologists network. The first,the finest & the future.

Future Sonics, Inc . founder and president Marty Garcia invented "in-ear" listening or "personal monitors" and systems more than twenty years ago, His services and personal approach are used by today's best artists in the industry and in every style from classical to country and rock to R&B, alternative to jazz plus everything in-between. With the attention focused on the complete needs of his clients, Garcia's reputation for excellence and reliability are the keystone of Future Sonics' success. Personal attention to details and a "hands-on" approach to each client provides unsurpassed services for every level of performer, engineer, venue or media professional. With a staff of knowledgable professionals (many of whom are "road dogs," themselves, we have been there and understand our clients. We continue to be there, both in the venues of all sizes and with research/development. Future Sonics provides what is not only the original but what are also the finest technologies available

For more information on Future Sonics contact:

      Future Sonics Incorporated

Future Sonics
416 Green Lane, Ste. 2
Bristol, PA 19007 USA
Toll Free: 877-FSI-EARS
Phone: (215) 826-8826
Fax: (215) 826-8814

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