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For Immediate Release:
Contact: Kathy Peck (415) 409-EARS

As part of H.E.A.R.'s continuing efforts to educate the public to the dangers of hearing loss and tinnitus, we have launched the HEAR RECORDS™ Project, working with record lables and artists from around the globe to celebrate music and musicians while promoting the value of protecting your most important musical instrument.... your ears.

HEAR RECORDS™ feature established recording artists and rising stars. CDs will be distributed to the public through record stores, music conventions, music tours, radio stations, music media, and on the Internet via www.hearnet.com and www.hearrecords.com.

Our Catalog includes:

* New Release! WHo's Not Forgotten Benefit CD with FDR

* "156 Strings" CD produced by Heanry Kasier is on Cuneiform Records. The sales from "156 Stings" CD will go to help H.E.A.R. increase public awareness of the importance of hearing health and tinnitus prevention worldwide... CD Gift Donation.

"* H.E.A.R. THIS!" is on Sub City and Hopeless Records.

H.E.A.R.'s two-fold mission is the prevention of hearing loss and tinnitus through education about the dangers of over-amplified music and other loud sounds and counseling those already afflicted with such loss.

Record labels, artists and sponsors interested in finding out more about H.E.A.R. Records and how they can help can contact Kathy at hear@hearnet.com for more information.

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