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  • Kathy Peck: Chuck Stevens

  • Kathy Peck w/bass: Steve Ricablanca

  • Pete Townshend, Kathy Peck, John Doyle and Flash Gordon, M.D.: Chauky Davis

  • Todd Rundgren and Kathy Peck: Steve Ricablanca

  • Huey Lewis, Ted Nugent, Lee Renaldo, Marky Ramone: from "Can't Hear You Knocking" - (C) 1990 Flynner Films

  • Lars Ulrich: H.E.A.R. PSA

  • Ozzie Alhers: Rory Earnshaw

  • 24 Hour Nautilus Band Jam CD cover: Dorothy Smith/Carico Smith Design

  • Ear Lift postcard original artwork: Winston Smith

  • H.E.A.R. Poster artwork: Arlene Owseichik, Bill Graham Presents

  • Pam Ball: G.S.A.A.

  • Info Booth: H.E.A.R.

  • Dear Crabby: Kathy Peck

  • Chuck Berlin: Donn Young Photo, New Orleans

  • Hal Bliane: unknown

  • H.E.A.R. Poster Girl orginal artwork :WinstonSmith

  • Ear-guitar and army men orginal artwork : Winston Smith

  • Photo credits for VIP and Artists of the Month listed on their page



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