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For over 30 years, Kathy Peck has been at the forefront of cutting edge music, community enrichment, and health advocacy and reform. From her deep involvement in pioneering the cultural movement known as “Punk and New Wave” to spearheading a nationwide call for innovative ways to prevent hearing loss, Peck has delivered visionary leadership to multi- generations of music lovers, musicians – and beyond. Her 20+ year founding organization HEAR (www.hearnet.com) has redefined the tools, language, and image surrounding hearing loss prevention both in San Francisco and around the world, attracting support and partnerships with high profile recording artists, health organizations, and media-enriched museums and concert events. From distributing free earplugs and hearing loss prevention materials at concert venues to upholding healthful noise level ordinances to partnering with rock superstars such as Pete Townshend, Kathy Peck has become a leader for hearing care advancement and champion for those who value quality musical experiences. Kathy Peck

Kathy Peck is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of H.E.A.R. as well as a bass player, singer, music composer, music producer and music publisher with her husband David Denny formerly of the Steve Miller Band and their publishing company MonimaMusi.com.

Current music projeccts include:

The Third Wave Musicial (The Wave Musical) available through Dramatic Publishing story by Ron Jones, music by Kathy Peck Denny, David Denny and Emily Kilon.

Neon Sky Independent feature film directorJennifer and Sputnik Juelich and executive producer Debbie Burbaker, music film score by Kathy Peck Denny and David Denny available at MonimaMusic.com.

Kathy was an original member of the successful San Francisco punk band The Contractions. The all-female band was a major part of the San Francisco music scene. Unfortunately, Kathy suffered damage to her hearing and her music career was cut short. Loud music exposure from excessive volume aggravated Kathy's hearing loss and tinnitus. Kathy and The Contractions had played four national tours, appeared on television, played shows with Duran Duran, The Jim Carroll Band, The Go Go's, The Blasters, Oingo Boingo, X, Black Flag, and many many others. Kathy was out there in the scene and she knows the music business, music fans, and the highs and lows that come with the turf.

Now, Kathy directs her energies and talents full force into the education of children, teens, and young adults. She wants them to learn how to enjoy the music without damaging their hearing. Because of Kathy's work, H.E.A.R. is recognized around the world by the music and medical communities, by teachers, parents, and caring individuals wishing to support its goals.'

In 1989, Kathy Peck received the National Leadership Award from National Council on Communicative Disorders in Washington, DC.for her pioneering efforts in hearing loss education and prevention advocacy.

in 1994, Kathy sued in a landmark class action settlement for the American with Disabilities Act which resuled in two discrimination suits Wheelchair Access (Arnold vs. UA) and Assistive Listening Devices (Peck vs. UA) against United Artists theaters that gave disabled people unimpeded access to its movie theaters across the nation.






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