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Listen Exhibits: H.E.A.R./Exploratorium develop hearing conservation exhibit

63 Exhibits on hearing and sound will tour the world after one year exhibition at the landmark Palace of Fine Arts Exploratorium in San Francisco.

It's Hip to H.E.A.R." Campaign

Pat Benatar is the national spokesperson for the Energizer EZ Change "It's Hip to H.E.A.R." program, a national cause-related initiative designed to educate baby boomers about the importance of hearing health awareness, prevention and treatment. The program, which kicks-off in May during Better Hearing & Speech month, is being executed in partnership with the non-profit group Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.) and Energizer EZ Change, the world's first hearing aid battery dispenser.


H.E.A.R.'s outreach to live clubs, raves, dance clubs, concert tours and music conferences and other special events. Our volunteer H.E.A.R. Street Team reaches thousands of teens and young adults across the US. (Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Miami Beach, Phoenix, Chicago and more!) Over 13 major cities across the US. We are signing up musicians, DJs, music fans and health students as HEAR Street Team members in their local area to help us get the word out on the streets about H.E.A.R.

MTV Spring Break Practice Safe Sound project:

H.E.A.R., The National Campaign for Hearing Health (NCHH), and MTV are collaborating on a "Practice Safe Sound" project, to educate teens, musicians and music lovers about the dangers of hearing damage and tinnitus from repeated exposure to loud decibel levels in music and other loud noise with the advice and assistance form MTV to the development of a hearing health education program for MTVN.


Several artists who have lent their time and voices in support of our PSAs include Chuck D, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Green Day, George Clinton, Perry Farrell and Herbie Hancock. PSAs from previous years are also available from Pete Townsend, Ray Charles, and Spinal Tap, among others. These PSAs are not only on our website, but are also distributed to schools, TV and radio stations. Our PSAs are slated to air on top cable and network TV stations around the country.


H.E.A.R. provides hearing screenings by our volunteer audiologists and ENT Affiliates. This year we tested over 1,000 young people experiencing hearing difficulties due to loud music and other causes, recommending remedial measures when necessary. Our musician hearing resources network on www.hearnet.con has over 130 H.E.A.R. Affiliate audiologists and ENT docs in cities across the US and in some foreign countries who support our work and hearing screening programs.


"Occupational Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in the Music Industry" funded by The Grammy's, Shure and the National Organization for Hearing Research. A 10 year research survey on musicians, sound engineers and music listeners.


H.E.A.R. conducts school programs and workshop panels for music schools, music industry conferences, other organizations and special events. This spring includes programs for the Oakland Unified School District Music Dept." Hearing Education and Awareness for Music Teachers workshop and PBS " Deafening Sounds" video viewing, SXSW Music Conference workshop panel "What? - Avoiding and Treating Hearing Loss," "Studio Tips" and "Producers", California Recording Institute workshop and free hearing screeening program for young recording engineering students. We hope to spreed this program out to other cities.


We are working hard to produce new educational videos for classrooms and streaming educational videos on the Internet. Our 1991Critically Acclaimed Educational Video CAN'T HEAR YOU KNOCKING features Lars Ulrich, Pete Townshend, Ray Charles and others musicians speaking out on hearing loss "is the first curriculum High School Program in the US to deal with hearing conservation. Active Physic's, The National Science Foundation and the American Association of Physics Teachers distribute our video to over 10,000 High School districts in the US. "CHYK" has won several educational awards in European film festivals and in the US.


We expanded our web site, and have had over seven (71) million hits. HEARNET is H.E.A.R.’s online hearing health resource for musicians and music lovers where people can drop in for information on hearing loss and tinnitus, get referrals to audiologists and ENT, find out about H.E.A.R. attended music industry events and concerts, check out the Artist of the Month, and listen to public service announcements of their favorite artist.


As part of H.E.A.R.'s continuing efforts to educate the public to the dangers of hearing loss and tinnitus, we have launched the HEAR RECORDS™ Project, working with record lables and artists from around the globe to celebrate music and musicians while promoting the value of protecting your most important musical instrument.... your ears. HEAR RECORDS™ feature established recording artists and rising stars. CDs will be distributed to the public through record stores, music conventions, music tours, radio stations, music media, participating record slabels and on the Internet via www.hearnet.com and www.hearrecords.com.


These and numerous other projects funded by charitable artist contributions, music industry organizations and private foundations continue to spearhead our fight against hearing loss and tinnitus among music lovers worldwide. We are making inroads, and our efforts continue to gain wider recognition both in and out of the music business. However, we will not be satisfied until it is totally cool for musicians and audiences to practice hearing conservation, so much so that the incidence of hearing loss and tinnitus resulting from exposure to loud music drops to practically nothing. But we cannot do it without your support. Your gift can help us achieve our goals.










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