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Shure Musical Roots Concert to Benefit Hearing Conservation
Concert to Star Living Colour and Special Guests at NAMM

EVANSTON, IL, December 5, 2001-As a follow-up to its successful online contest, Shure announced the Shure Musical Roots Concert, a benefit for hearing conservation charities being held during this year's Winter NAMM. The concert, which will feature Shure endorsing artists Living Colour and several special guest appearances, marks Shure's commitment to the cause of hearing conservation.

Tickets to the event are $25 and include a buffet dinner and drinks. All proceeds will be donated to three hearing conservation charities -- H.E.A.R., the House Ear Institute's Sound Partners Program, and the Hearing Aid Music Foundation. The concert is scheduled for Saturday, January 19, 2002 from 7-10 pm at the House of Blues Anaheim.

"We are happy be able to play for Shure at this event because we think hearing loss is a very important issue," said Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun. "For a musician, hearing loss is a career-ending affliction, and for the rest of the world, to be unable to hear the beauty of music is a tragedy in itself."

The event will also mark the culmination of the Shure Musical Roots contest with the winner being honored at the event. Chosen from nearly 800 entries from artists across the United States who submitted "creative cover songs" revealing their musical influences, the winner will receive a trip to Anaheim to attend the benefit, as well as $10,000 in Shure gear. Entries ranged from a metal version of Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" to a ska version of Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer," with the Beatles and Bob Dylan being the most frequently covered artists.

"Hearing is the essential conduit for the influence music can have on our lives. The Roots contest is about celebrating the musical lineage in our culture, while reminding all musicians to protect their most important asset - their ears," said Mark Brunner, Managing Director of Shure's Performance Business Unit. "The Shure team is thrilled to be hosting this unique event, and we wish to thank all those who participated in the contest."

About the Hearing Conservation Charities


H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers and Ravers) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels, which can lead to permanent, and sometimes debilitating, hearing loss and tinnitus. Damage from dangerous decibels can occur from playing music, attending concerts, dance clubs, raves, unsafe use of stereo earphones, playing amplified systems too loudly, or other noisy activities. We're here for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, music fans (especially young people) and anyone needing help with their hearing. For more information on H.E.A.R. go to www.hearnet.com.

House Ear Institute

The House Ear Institute (HEI), located in Los Angeles, California, is a world- renowned nonprofit scientific hearing research center. Through research and education the Institute aims to improve the quality of life. Scientists are exploring the causes of auditory disorders on the cellular and molecular level as well as refining the application of auditory implants and hearing aids. For more information on HEI go to www.hei.org.

Hearing Aid Music Foundation

The Hearing Aid Music Foundation (HAMF) is a music industry organization dedicated to educating consumers, musicians, and entertainers about protecting their hearing. The organization is committed to preserving hearing for those involved in the music business, as well as promoting the responsible consumption of music. HAMF is currently completing a film to educate middle school and high school students about safe listening practices. The film is scheduled for a September launch in schools across the country and features guest appearances by Moby, Wyclef Jean, Deborah Harry, Russell Simmons, Cyndi Lauper, Darren Hayes of Savage Garden, Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard, and many other guest artists. For more information, please write to hearingmusic@aol.com.

About Shure Incorporated

Founded in 1925, Shure Incorporated (www.shure.com) is widely acknowledged as the world's leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. Over the years, the company has designed and produced a wide variety of high-quality consumer and professional audio products, providing a vehicle for an individual's personal sound. Shure's diverse product line includes world-standard microphones, premier wireless audio systems, top-rated phonograph cartridges, problem-solving mixers, digital signal processors, and personal monitors. Today, Shure products are used wherever high-quality audio performance is a top priority, in a wide variety of industries, markets, and settings.

Shure Incorporated corporate headquarters are located at 222 Hartrey Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202, 847.866.2200.


Michelle Zenner Kohler
Shure Incorporated

Gregory DeTogne
Gregory DeTogne Public Relations


Visit the Shure Musical Roots Concert website

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